Pelagic Birds

North Sea Pelagics promoted offshore trips provide outstanding opportunities to observe birds seldom seen in land except for breeding. 

Shearwater (Great, Cory's, Manx and Sooty), Fulmar, Gannet, Skua, PuffinGuillemots can be seen.

Operating upto 20 miles offshore in the North Sea, there is always the potential for sightings of rarer species such as certain Petrels (Storm & Leach's), Gulls and Skua varieties (Arctic, Long-tailed, Great and Pomarine)

Skipper Alan Leatham has a sound working knowledge of birds and can help identify birds encountered.


Matt Sharpe from Newcastle University with CPOD & SoundTrap - recording white beaked dolphin clicks and whistles

Simon Laing from Newcastle School of Marine Science working with us using hydrophone.

National Trust team on board

North Sea Pelagics


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