NEW 2019 Provisional Pelagic Dates

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The charge for places as observers on these adventurous trips is set by the boat operator and North Sea Pelagics makes no money from trips - North Sea Pelagics is not a commercial entity.

Pelagic trips upto 20miles offshore cost £65 per person and all money goes direct to skipper.Please keep in mind that fuel alone for these trips, that can cover over 60+ miles, is very expensive. The RIB does, however,provide unrivalled access to sites and rapid area searches.

Look for the big orange boat "Ocean Explorer" & skipper Alan.

The boat will leave from Seahouses Harbour NE68 7RN

Timings are for "Ropes off" and observers should meet at least 30mins before this.

NOTE: The dates below are "provisional" and highly weather dependant. If the weather is poor we will not sail - in 2018 we had 100% success for seeing cetaceans (either whales/ dolphin or both) on every trip.

If we see particularly good "weather windows" in the forecasts, where we feel that the probabilty of sightings is very high, we are likely to schedule additional trips. 


2019 Provisional Dates:

Mon 26th Aug (Bank Holiday)  2pm

3 pods white beaked dolphin seen - dolphin beside boat

Tues 27th Aug - numerous white beaked dolphin and several minke whales*

Sun 8th Sept 2.30pm - 2 pods seen 5 and 3 white beaked dolphins

Sun 22nd Sept 2.30pm -CANCELLED OFFSHORE WIND 

Thurs 26th Sept 10am - CANCELLED OFFSHORE WIND 


Sun 13th Oct 2pm- CANCELLED - torrential rain

Sun 20th Oct 2pm - currently looks GOOD!

By demand there may be additional trips if we see "weather windows" - Watch this Space!


Matt Sharpe from Newcastle University with CPOD & SoundTrap - recording white beaked dolphin clicks and whistles

Simon Laing from Newcastle School of Marine Science working with us using hydrophone.

National Trust team on board

North Sea Pelagics


BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY: William Shiel 07799666573 or 01665 720308





Please note all money direct to William Shiel or skipper Alan Leatham.

No payments to B.Burville


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